Deni enjoys working in multiple media, including Acrylic, Oil, Watercolor and re-purposed materials. Pieces range from strongly impressionistic to slightly surreal, her work is probably most heavily influenced by Monet, and Dali yet remains uniquely her own. Her strongest, most impassioned pieces appear when she is working with textural techniques using her most beloved “knives”.

She has freelanced through the majority of her career, but also works as an instructor teaching beginning artists the “joy of painting” in the spirit of the beloved contemporary icon, Mr. Bob Ross.

For Deni, the whole idea of art in any form would be that it is a physical manifestation of the soul. Whether the result is beautiful, or perhaps the stuff of nightmares, it has purpose so long as it relays the story. For why else do we live but to learn and grow and tell our tale?

Blue Eyed Wolf - click for details

Blue Eyed Wolf – Acrylic on Canvas

Purple Horse - Click for details

Purple Horse – Acrylic on Canvas

Sunrise - Click for details

Sunrise – Acrylic on Canvas

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