The Time of Awakening

(channeled: April 7th, 2005) Beloved Children of the light, I come to you this evening, Lord Michael the Archangel most beloved of God, with a message for these important days. This is the time of awakening, for you and ALL the Children of the Light, all the children of the planet. In your lives in recent times, you […]

An Invitation to Change

(channeled: December 8th, 2005) Allow all thoughts of the outer world to fall away, all cares and concerns… they are not for this time. Breath into your bodies. Know that white light surrounds you. Know that this place, this space in time is protected, is indeed Divine. I am Michael the Archangel most beloved of […]

Michaels Dedication to our year 2006

(channeled: December 30th, 2005) Beloved Children of Light, I am Michael the Archangel most beloved of God. I am here for you, as you have called upon my name. I am present with you in all times that you look within your own heart and find there a “vacancy”. Where you would find “hope” I […]

A Brief Word from Michael

(channeled: April 23rd, 2006) I am the Archangel Michael, most beloved of God. I would remind each and every one of you, that you also are most beloved of God, that indeed there is no place in which God does not exist. That indeed… God exists within each and every cell of your body. As […]

That You May Remember: A message from Michael

(channeled: May 23rd, 2006) Greetings Beloveds, I am Michael the Archangel most beloved of God. I come to you in this ever-present moment with a message of your awakening… for the time is NOW that you must know and acknowledge the truth of your own Divine Nature. You are a bright Light upon the firmament. […]

The Time of Transcendence

(channeled: July 24th, 2006) I am Michael The Archangel Most Beloved of God. It matters not at all how you see me, but only how you see yourself in relationship to the Universal Truth of All that Is. I am the voice of resolution. I seek to bring Peace into the hearts of Mankind. It […]

Michael Transmission for the New Moon / Solar Eclipse

(channeled: September 14th, 2006) Beloveds, I am Michael the Archangel most beloved of God. In these culminating hours of this current shift I can feel in you a sense of unrest. You are becoming aware of the call to shift which will herald the next period of transformation, I bid you, do not fear the […]

Understanding the Divine Within

(channeled: November 20th, 2006) Greetings Beloved Ones, I am Michael the Archangel most beloved of God. It is a joyous event to have you all here this evening time. There are many things that I wish to address with you, I would begin by saying to you that all things are in perfection in all […]

Winter Solstice: Michael’s Message to the heart of Mankind

(channelled: December 21st, 2006) ” You have come through many changes, in some cases overcoming great obstacles! You have come into a state of greater awareness than you previously held. Your vibration has been elevated through your willingness to participate on a conscious level with Divine Spirit. You have much to be grateful for… may […]